Green Acres Waiver, Assumption of Risk and Agreement to Hold Harmless

I understand that attending a private or group dog training session is not without risk to myself, my family members, or guests who
may attend, or my dog. I also understand that I (we) may be in the proximity of other people that may carry a transmissible disease
that they and Green Acres Kennel Shop (GAKS) may be unaware of and cannot prevent the transmission of said disease.

I understand that my dog and I may be exposed to other dogs that may be difficult to control and may cause injury even when handled
with the greatest care. In consideration of, and as an inducement to, the acceptance of my applications for a training session or
sessions, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless, and I hereby release GAKS, its employees, owners, or agents from any and all
liability of any nature, for injury or damage which I, my family or guests or my dog may suffer, including specifically, but without
limitation to, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog including my own, and I expressly assume the risk of any such
damage or injury while attending any training session or other function of GAKS or while on property belonging to GAKS or at any
other location where classes may take place.

I also understand that the degree to which a dog is successfully trained is a function of the owner’s interest, commitment, and
cooperation. I acknowledge and agree that there is no guarantee that my dog will achieve the desired level of training despite the
instructor’s best efforts.

PAYMENT & REFUNDS – I understand that the entire class fee payment is necessary to secure my spot in a class. I may withdraw
from the class and receive a full refund minus a $25 handling fee by sending an email to at least 14 days
before the class’s scheduled start date and before I have been emailed links to the class videos.

I understand that GAKS will email links to computer-readable orientation files approximately 14 days before my first in-person class.
I know I am responsible for reviewing those files before my first in-person class if I wish to get the most benefit from the instructor’s
lessons. I acknowledge that these files and links are copyrighted and are only for the use of myself and others in my family that live in
the same home as my dog and that they may not be distributed or shared with anyone else in any manner.

If I wish to have access to these videos sooner, I may request that they be sent earlier by emailing After
the email containing the links to the orientation files are sent to me based on the GAKS schedule or my request, all class fees
are non-refundable.

I understand that after starting a class, GAKS staff may determine a group class is not suitable for my dog for behavioral reasons, in
which case Green Acres will credit the remainder of my class fees for private training or behavior consulting at their current rates.

I understand that I am to bring my dog to class on a fabric or leather 6-foot leash attached to either a flat collar, a front-connect
harness, a rear-correct harness, or a head halter, provided my dog does not find the head-halter aversive. Choke, prong (pinch), and
shock collars are not allowed in our classes or on GAKS property. I also understand that I am responsible for providing treats to be
used with my dog during each class.

I understand that should my dog go into a heat cycle or become ill, my dog may not attend class during this time. I may continue to
come to class without my dog, and Green Acres will encourage me to do so.

I understand that if I cannot attend a scheduled class, I may read the homework provided and contact my instructor if I have questions.
I know that I may be charged a fee for any private make-up sessions.

I understand that GAKS may need to postpone a scheduled class for various reasons. GAKS will notify me of any such changes via
the GAKS Facebook page or an email sent to the email address I provided. GAKS will reschedule classes canceled for these reasons.

I understand that my dog must be current on vaccinations for Rabies (unless less than 6-months of age), the distemper series, and
canine cough (Bordetella) and that I must provide proof of vaccination from my veterinarian before my dog will be allowed to attend

I understand that photographs and video may be taken of my dog and me during classes and allow GAKS to use those images in
training and promotional materials.

I understand that GAKS is greatly concerned about the health of myself, their staff, and our community. GAKS may implement
specific policies that may affect training sessions, and I agree to abide by those policies. A current version of any special policies may
be found at I understand that GAKS reserves the right to change these protocols without advance notice if required to do so by governmental authorities or if they believe it is necessary to make changes to protect me, the GAKS
staff, and our community.