Picture of dog and logos for Basic Manners class

Level 2 5-18-22-3pm-WED

Prerequisites for Level 2 Classes: Completing our Basic Manners course OR Completing our Basic Manners Video Orientation AND pre-approval of Force-Free Pets training staff.

This class is NOT suitable for dogs that are reactive or aggressive.

In Basic Manners – Level 2, we will help you refine behaviors such as Walking Politely, the Recall, Leave It, and Stay, which you were introduced to in Basic Manners.

This is a semi-private class consisting of two teams of one to two students with their dogs and one instructor. Because of its small size, your instructor will be able to customize lessons to meet the individual needs of both students. Classes may be held both indoors and outdoors in our upstairs training room.

Each session is approximately 45 minutes long and will meet at the same time and day for four weeks. The cost of Basic Manners-Level 2 is $100. If you and your dog feel you would still benefit from more work with an instructor, feel free to sign-up for another session.

Please understand that class postponement due to the COVID pandemic is a possibility. In addition, due to the pandemic, we may also find it necessary to limit attendance to one student per dog.

Please note, when completing the booking form, you must use the name of the individual(s) who will be attending the class with the dog. Must be at least 18 years of age. The email should also be for the person(s) attending the class with the dog and an email address that is checked daily. We will not share your email.