THU-10AM-L2 Advanced Basic Manners Dog Training Class

Level 2 Advanced Basic Manners is a semi-private group dog training class. It is for those people and dogs who 1) have completed a ForceFreePets Basic Manners class or 2) have not taken Basic Manners but have been pre-approved by Don Hanson.  

If you have not taken Basic Manners, please DO NOT register for this class until contacting Don at

At ForceFreePets, we recognize that each dog is an amazing sentient being with physical and emotional needs that are very different from a person’s. We will teach you how to train your dog to sit and come when called, but we will also show you how to meet their needs and to live with them in harmony. Additionally, we will help you understand how your dog communicates and how you can best “speak” to them, which often does not involve your voice.

Our goal is for you and your dog to become and remain best friends for life.

In Level 2 – Advanced Basic Manners, we will help you further refine behaviors such as Walking Politely, the Recall, Leave It, and Stay, which you were introduced to in Basic Manners. You need to understand that your dog is an individual and that each dog in the class may progress at different rates. Your focus in this class is all about your dog enjoying learning new things together. It is not a competition.

This semi-private class consists of two teams of one to two students with their dogs and one instructor. Classes may be held indoors and outdoors in our upstairs training room, depending on the weather and what is taught in a particular week.

Each session is approximately 40 minutes long and will meet at the same time and day for four weeks. The cost of the class is $129.

We offer a wide selection of class starting dates and times. However, once you have started a class, you cannot switch to a different date or time.

If you and your dog feel you would still benefit from more work with an instructor, you may enroll in Level 2-Basic Manners as many times as you wish.

There are no handouts for your class. So, instead, we will reference the copy of Best Friends for Life you were given in Basic Manners.

Green Acres Kennel Shop/ForceFreePets has been voted the Bangor region’s Best Dog Trainer every year since 2011. The program is under the direction of Don Hanson, a Professional Canine Behavior Consultant (PCBC-A) accredited by the Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB). Don’s accreditation requires ForceFreePets programs to follow strict ethical guidelines, which you can review at

The ForceFreePets team is committed to the Pet Professional Guilds (PPG) Guiding Principles, which state: “No shock, No prong, No choke and No Pain, No fear, No Force are ever employed in the training, behavior modification, care, or management of any pet. “. ( )

We reserve the right to postpone or reschedule classes for the following reasons:

  • Inclement weather.
  • Instructor or facility availability.
  • Public health emergencies.
  • Other unforeseen circumstances.
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