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July 12, 2018 – Grain-Free Foods and FDA Reports of Increased Heart Disease in Dogs

September 29, 2018 – UPDATE! – Pet Nutrition – Grain-Free
Foods and FDA Reports of Increased Heart Disease in Dogs – WDJ Blog Pos
t –

September 29, 2018 – Podcast
– Is Feeding A Grain-Free Food to Our Dogs Dangerous?, with Linda Case, MS

April 12, 2019 – Shared Blog Post – FDA Updates on Heart
Disease in Dogs – Hemopet – Dr. Jean Dodds

July 7th, 2019 – FDA Update on Heart Disease
in Dogs & What Should You Do?

July 17, 2019 – Shared Articles – More on the FDA, DCM, and
Pet Food

July 20, 2019 – Podcast – Pet’s in the News–No. 4 Pet
Food, DCM and The FDA

July 31, 2019 – Shared Articles – Do the Vets Behind the
FDA Investigation Have A Conflict of Interest?

August 8, 2019 – Podcast – DCM, the FDA, and Dog Food-the
Science and the Hype with Canine Nutritionist Linda Case

June 18, 2020 – Shared Article – Researchers Find No
Definitive Link Between DCM and Grain-Free Diets

February 11, 2021 – FDA Concludes “…there is nothing
inherently unsafe about a grain-free diet.”

March 28, 2021 – Pet Food Myths & Facts – No. 1, MYTH
– Only a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist is qualified to formulate pet



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