Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training Logo ImageForceFreePets offers private dog training classes at Green Acers Kennel Shop for clients who have completed our Basic Manners class and others on a case-by-case basis.

If you have completed a Basic Manners class with us – This option is for those that wish additional assistance on some of the behaviors we covered in Basic Manners. Please click on the following link and email us with a description of what you would like to work on with your dog. We will get back to you with the options we have available. Email us at

If you have NOT completed a Basic Manners class with us – Our private dog training program is customized around the individual needs of you and your dog. We start with an initial  Behavior/Training Consult via ZOOM. The purpose of this consult is to discuss a single pet’s primary training or behavioral issue. Ten minutes are allocated to my review of the data you submit on the form you will be requested to complete before making an appointment. Please be thorough but concise. Thirty minutes is allocated to our discussion on ZOOM or in person. The remaining 20-minutes are earmarked for writing a brief report that I will email you after the consultation. It is unlikely your pet’s issue will be resolved with a single session; however, based on the consultation I will be able to recommend further action. Payment is required in advance. The cost is $95.

Before booking an appointment for a consultation, you might want to read the articles at the following links.

Articles to Read Before Our Behavior Consult

This link indicates times I am available for an initial consultation with you about your pet.